Guest Speaker: Sergio Pablos

A few words from AnimationMentor.comís Co-Founder, Carlos Baena about Sergio Pablos...

I met Sergio Pablos a few years back and was well aware of his amazing work.  Sergio Pablos is definitely a one of a kind animator who takes animation, draftsmanship and acting to a whole new level.  You can see his work in films such as "Treasure Planet”, "Tarzan" and less well known films such as "Runaway Brain" and "A Goofy Movie."  Just by looking at his work, you can tell here is an animator who pushes himself, and pushes his work constantly in every shot he's given.  On a personal level, Sergio is a very honest, direct and straight to the point guy.  Sergio’s sincere point of view when giving feedback or teaching animation is very inspirational to me.

Sergio's animation studio is called Animagic. While they are located in Madrid, Spain, they also produce outstanding work for studios in other countries.  They produced half of the animation for the animated film "Asterix and the Vikings" recently released in France and also worked on the upcoming Spanish animated film "Nocturna."  Sergio is currently involved in different 2D projects, as well as becoming more and more familiar with the current 3D technologies.  As a personal project, Sergio wants to direct a 2D Feature Film that he wrote and created called "Giacomo's Secret." 

Sergio took part in a Guest Speaker session for Animation Mentor a few months back while I was in Madrid.  He not only gave great animation information, tips and insight to our students, but he answered them from a very sincere and honest point of view.  I’d like to share with you a sneak peek of Sergio Pablos’ Guest Speaker session on his take on animation as I find it very inspiring.

Carlos Baena

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