Animation Mentor in the News!
By Sheena Sharma

Animation Mentor has some news – we’re in the news! In the past few months, we’ve been penning stories about animation or publications are writing stories about us. Want to know more about animation as an art form? Or how to animate for video games? Keep reading…

Animation as an Art Form
Read about the role of animation as an art form. The article also showcases several animation stills from our fellow Animation Mentor students!
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Animation Mentors Join CG Con 2009
Several Animation Mentor mentors will be participating at CG Con 2009 in Los Angeles, including Dave Burgess from DreamWorks Animation, Charles Alleneck from Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Morgan R. Kelly from DreamWorks Animation, and Anthony Wong from Pixar Animation.
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Animation Mentor to Release eBook, Webinar
Animation World Network talks about the free Animation Tips & Tricks Volume II ebook that was launched in March.
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Pegboards vs. Polygons: Animating for Video Games
What are the unique challenges and opportunities animators face when animating for video games? This article in Animation Arena looks at the video game industry and highlights the experience.
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How to Survive as an Animation Contractor
Want to be a freelance animator? Read insights into life as an animation contractor, including how to build your reputation to keep those jobs coming!
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Video Game Animation Demo Reel – Tips for Creating a Game Animator’s Demo Reel
For those animators working on their demo reel for video game animation, this article offers great tips on creating an awesome demo reel. It also provides some suggestions on how these reels differ from demo reels for film animation.
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Myths of the Animation Industry
This article featured on Reel Exchange breaks down some of the major myths of the animation industry, including subjects like the future of 2D animation, the importance of knowing how to draw, and working in big studios.
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Canadian Honour for Newbridge Author
Animation Mentor student, David Carey, recently won a prestigious screenwriting award in Canada for his short film script.
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Interview: Bobby Beck, CEO/Co-Founder, Animation Mentor
Bobby Beck gives a great overview of the Animation Mentor program on and talks about why he loves his job as CEO of Animation Mentor.
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Masterclass with Pixar Artists
Will you be in Montreal June 13-14? Andrew Gordon, a mentor at Animation Mentor, will be teaching a Masterclass with other Pixar artists! The topics include animation principles, staging, pose design, weight, dynamics, acting for animation, gestures, scene planning, blocking, facial expressions, and high level polishing techniques.
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Summer Movie Preview Spotlight on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Check out this article in Nick Magazine that features an interview with Shawn Kelly and discusses his work on the movie.
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Animators in Demand
Despite the economic downturn, work is still available for animators and VFX artists.
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